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contextQ is a consultancy focused on helping people realize great success with business intelligence. We offer professional services, mentoring, and training.

Tom Huguelet formed contextQ in 2009 with the express purpose of helping organizations achieve business intelligence excellence by providing training, mentoring, and professional services.

At contextQ, we believe that Business Intelligence matters. BI is a disruptive (in a good way – like Google, Twitter, and the Web), transformational process that creates an inevitable evolution towards greater efficiency, transparency, and strategic alignment. We work with both technical and business leaders, and consider both strategic architecture and technical implementation leadership essential and inseparable pursuits for success with business intelligence.

Over the past 20 years, Tom has developed deep experience in business intelligence, corporate performance management solutions, database modeling, the balanced scorecard methodology, dashboards, multidimensional databases, data warehousing, as well as object-oriented technologies, and enterprise architecture .